located in the heart of Woodbrigde, Ontario, Nove Ristorante first opened its doors in April 2012 with a vision to bring the true Italian culture and dining experience to those near and far.

When you first enter Nove, you are immediately captivated with the five senses that allows your experience to heighten right from the start.

—one of the town’s only restaurants to offer meat dishes cooked to perfection on a charcoal grill, the sight of wine red walls and people gathering to create lasting memories, the sound of soft jazz and ambient music to add to the background, the touch of relaxation as you seat comfortably amongst friends and family, and lastly, the taste of authentic Italian dishes that will leave your senses coming back for more.

Nove Ristorante offers a largely, open-concept restaurant, with the capacity to house just over 100 people and a private dining room that can seat 50 guests comfortably, with a parking lot that can manage at full capacity. Our restaurant is also set around a largely “L-shaped” patio with tables and sofas to entertain both dinner guests or those looking to enjoy a few drinks and good conversation.

Whether experiencing Nove for its exceptional dining experience or looking to create lifelong memories during your next function, Chef Rick and his team will ensure you’re taken care of right from the start.


chef_rick has been delivering authentic Italian cuisines from the early stages of his life, while learning from his father to prepare some of the cultures most traditional dishes.

Growing up around the Italian culture has always been an asset for Chef Rick as his passion for delicious food and using the freshest ingredients grew from such a young age. His simplistic dishes are what keeps our guests coming back for more.


Chef Rick has a reputation for a great following of people and is known for making many appearances and greeting his guests throughout their dining experience.

On behalf of Chef Rick and the entire team at Nove Ristorante, we invite you to taste the flavours of Italy and join us for your next dining experience or private function.